This is the first episode ever of 16 and pregnant .


The episode begins with Ben Feather-men and Blossom Chapman in Blossom's room .  Blossom tells Ben she loves him with Ben responding in a sad sigh . Blossom asks what is wrong then Ben tells her they have been dating for a year and a half , and did not have sex yet . Blossom hugs him and says she feels the same way . Ben asks if she wanted to spent the night at a hotel .  Blossom says yes and calls him Mr Romantic , then they text their parents .

In the hotel , Blossom and Ben find their room and  unlock it . Blossom says it's lovely and  then Blossom gets ready by taking off her shirt , shoes  and pants . Ben takes his hit off , then shoes and says Blossom can do the rest. Blossom says she likes that . They start kissing then stop for a second with Blossom unzipping Ben's jacket . Then they start to make out again and fall to the bed . In the morning Blossom gets dressed and takes a test. She decides she should tell the father of the baby first . She tells Ben ( with revealing her first and last name ) , Ben says they will get through this . Blossom begins to cry and thanks him for his support . Ben asks if making out would cheer her up a bit ? Blossom nods and they start making out . The episode ends with them making out .

Trivia and GoofsEdit

  • This is the first episode
  •  This reveals Blossom is a bit dum and Ben gets attention from Blossom by making out with her
  • This episode is kinda like Degrassi's Clare and Eli having sex but not with pregnant stuff .
  • Blossom's family does not appear in this episode but their names are in the credits.