16 and pregnant is a show created by Eriniceheart ( youtube channel and a player for wizard 101 ) and woozworld's Twila123 most known for being hank0's wife and also most known for play Lola , Mrs Grizzly , The Principal , The news lady and police women on 16 pregnant . Twila will also be in the spin off .  Origanlly the show had only one creator , but Erin decided to make Twila123 the other creator too due to her main starring in both series's .


Twila123 from woozworld  had comfirmed there will be 2-3 seasons . Also twila123 had comfirmed 16 and pregnant will have an episode of how devloped , what its about , the spin off and more . It is unkown if hank0 will be on the talk show due to him not playing any role but background roles along with trixie55 playing  a main and recurring character in Series one .

Spin off seriesEdit

Eriniceheart and Twila123 ( from woozworld ) both comfirmed  their would be a spin off series called Iceheart High . The reason why its a spin off and sequel is because the show ( the first show ) will end afters 2-3 seasons,  both shows have " Sex " , Drama and more , it is created by the same 2 people and the show will also twila123 , hank0 , draekit , trixie55  , stormya , riben , and other unknown two female characters .